Saturday, October 28, 2006

I do love me some progress! I'm in an excellent mood due to the reviving of four of our modules. Modules are the individual channels on the wonderful, vintage MCI JH-636 console. There were some modules that didn't pass signal due to electronics weirdness and the like, but they have since been given new life...OH YES! Mano, I tell ya maintenence on an old board is tough, but rewarding. The board has been undergoing a rebuild since before I came to North Branch by Mr. Phipps and by the wonderful and busy Soren Wittrup. Legend has it that Soren is the electrical genius brought over from Denmark by engineering great Steve Albini to serve as his tech at electrical audio. Since my arrival, I have been put to work helping out anywhere I can...which includes the board. Who would have thought that a Monday would be the day of great things. Hmmph!


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