Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sweet Jesus! It's been a while since my last post but not because we've been busy. I've just been neglecting my blog. Actually, work has picked up within the past 2 weeks or so. Scott Ligon (amazing musician) has struck up a deal with Barry for some studio time to record his album; yours truly engineering. So far, we've recording piano, bass, drums, and then re-recorded drums. The first song, "modern boy", is a happy mix of pop and unique chord changes. Scott had previously played on the Norman Phipps project with Joel Paterson and Mark Greenberg, which, by the way, sounds great. If you know Barry the Bossman, then you've no doubt figured that Norman is his dad. The album will definitely be released on the Tight Ship Records site so look for it.

If anyone saw NBC nightly news around March 16, I hope you remember a story about the Kaotic Drumline from the south side of chicago. Kaotic was created by Jamie Poindexter (real name) to help kids stay away from gangs and keep them focused on making something positive out of their lives. Jamie has been to the studio with Ethan Stoller for the recording and mixing of a 5 song demo. He's recently contacted North Branch for a return so I'm kinda pumped; if you've ever listened to a drumline, you know.

A while ago, I finished a project for one Julia Klee. I just gave it a listen and it sounds better than I expected. You see, it was one of those things where you know what to do, but you always question the quality of work. It was probably the first complicated thing I mixed but I wouldn't take it back. Give it a listen if you can.


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