Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!

We're back; soon we'll be starting our massive yearly board cleaning. We remove every channel to clean and lube every pot and switch to ensure a clean flow of signal. Holiday Music was finished with barely enough time to put in the mail for recipients listening pleasure. MP3s and album artwork available for free here! A bit of info about it:

Holiday Music is a collaborative music group that only exists in December of each year. Founded by Barry Phipps (The Coctails, Tight Ship Records) and Mark Janka and Tim Joyce (The Lesser Birds of Paradise), Holiday Music has been recording music every December since 2001. About two weeks before Christmas, the core group of Barry, Mark and Tim drop by North Branch recording studio and make up songs on the spot that are about, or inspired by the Holiday season. Some songs are funny, some are instrumental, some are old standards reworked into a new arrangement. The Holiday Music sessions have an open door policy. Any friends of the group are invited to drop by and contribute to the collaboration. Close to fifty musicians have become part of the Holiday Music collective over the years, including Edith Frost, Kelly Hogan, Thax Douglas, The Like Young, and many others. Our 2008 release features Azita, Charles Kim, Ryan Neuschafer, Emily Hurd and Charles Kim.

Also, keep a sharp eye out for two new Tightship releases; Groom's "At the Natural History Museum" AND "John and Mark's Children's Record"!